31 Catchy and Cute Cake and Cupcake Business Names


The small business baking industry, according to Hoover’s Inc., brings in about $3 Billion a year in revenue. Most notably, the designer cupcake trend seems to be in full swing, sparking shows like “Cupcake Wars” that offer a $10,000 prize for competing bakers. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own cake or cupcake business, there are some things to consider:

1. Where Will You Bake? 

From Home: The beauty of starting a cake business is that you can work from home, but working from home will limit your potential output, so unless you have a full-on Viking kitchen with a giant oven, small orders might be all you can handle (which is fine!). This step by step guide from Chron suggests you first check with your Department of Health and Chamber of Commerce about licenses and restrictions, because like any food service business, you’ll need to have a brief inspection to ensure you’re cooking in sanitary conditions. Some restrictions include separating personal food items from baking ingredients and some even restrict household pets!

Commercial Kitchen: If you want to avoid the hassle of creating a potential war-zone in your kitchen, and bypass some of the inspection requirements, you can rent a commercial kitchen for all your baking needs. This will increase your costs a bit with rental fees, but it might make your life easier, especially if you have a dozen cakes to cook before the weekend.

2. Type of Cake

You don’t have to do it all! Try and find your niche, be it wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, bundt cakes, or cheesecakes. Think of it from your customer’s perspective, if you’re looking to buy a wedding cake would you buy it from a company who specializes in cheesecakes or one that specializes in wedding cakes? Some entrepreneurs worry that narrowing their focus will cost them potential customers, but it’s quite the opposite.

3. Put it in Ink!

Starting your own business can be hectic and overwhelming for any entrepreneur, no matter how experienced. It doesn’t have to be. The best way to avoid getting lost in the clutter of day-to-day activities is writing our a business plan that includes your mission statement, finances, pricing, and short and long term goals. It’ll serve as a reference and an outline, and it’s also an essential part of acquiring loans and other financial assistance. If you don’t know how to write a business plan, don’t sweat it, it’s not that complicated and there are plenty of resources online, like this one from the Small Business Association.

4. How Will People Find You? 

Time to find some hungry customers. It goes without saying that you need a website, and with new resources like Wix.com, anyone can create a professional looking website without breaking the bank.

Next, make your cake business visible on Google Maps with this simple guide so anyone who needs a cake can find you in a snap.

Take advantage of social media sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram for some cost-effective advertising. Keep in mind these sites rely heavily on user feedback and testimonials, so place customer satisfaction at the top of your priorities.

5. Business Name

Sometimes the best form of advertising is a catchy, cute, memorable name that people just love to talk about. Here’s a list of cake and cupcake business names we found:

RooneyGirl BakeShop

Layer Cake Bakery

Main Street Cakes

Karess’s Kreations

Assal Pastry


Sugar Beak Bakery

French’s Bakery

Just A Bite Cake Pops

Angel Maid Bakery

Creative Cakery

Half Baked Co


Cake Sensations

Crave Dessert Company

Takes the Cake

Fantasy Frostings

Aunt Joy’s Cakes

ConfeXion Cupcakes

Baker Cakemaker

Ruby Bakery

DoLy’s Delectables

Creme Caramel

Big Man Bakes

Frosted Cupcakery

Hotcakes Bakes

Cake House

Dolce Isola

The Confection Co-op

Superfine Bakery

Scratch Baked Goods

‘Cake’ interest over time:

The truth is, naming a business can be frustrating and downright time consuming…

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Does it work?

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