35 Best Auto Repair Shop Names


Auto mechanics in the United States generate $62 Billion annually with 2.2% growth each of the last five years. The auto repair industry is expected to see even more growth as economic projections point to expanding per capita income, allowing more and more people to spend money on getting their car fixed. For the mechanic, car enthusiast, and savvy entrepreneur, this represents a great opportunity to combine your passion with business. If you’re considering starting your own auto repair shop, there are a few things to consider:

1. Determine your Scope

Some auto repair shops fail because they want to offer a buffet style of service when they don’t have the means. You don’t have to do everything, in fact, focusing on one or two things like tires and tire rotations, transmissions, oil changes, or engine rebuilds is a good starting point. Once you become more efficient at your specialty and your business grows larger, you’ll be able to confidently expand into other areas. Outline the scope of your business and it’s operations (employees, hours of operation, financing, suppliers, etc.) in a business plan, and if you’re unsure about this step, don’t fret, there’s plenty of online resources available.

2. Location, Location, Location!

Auto repair shops don’t need to occupy a flashy, expensive corner location next to Starbucks, which is good news because Starbucks is paying some serious rental payments for that spot. Floor space for cars and mechanics to operate is the most important, and shops will usually convert a small warehouse to accommodate everything. As long as you have a cozy waiting room for your customers, use your business plan to help determine what size shop you’ll need to rent.

3. Where Will You Buy Your Parts?

Say you’re focusing on tire repair, installations, and rotations; this means you’ll be buying large volumes of tires for a variety of different vehicles several times a year, which represents a great opportunity to lower your costs by establishing a relationship with a tire vendor. The first purchase will likely be the most expensive because you’ll have to estimate which tires will sell the most and purchase accordingly. As your business grows, you buy more tires in bulk and your cost-per-tire drops. Some vendors offer exclusive deals, meaning you’ll guarantee to only sell their products, and in doing so your costs decrease even more.

4. How Will You Get the Word Out?

It’s almost redundant for me to suggest you get a website. You need an online presence these days, especially if your shop isn’t visible to the public. Build a website and follow this easy guide to make yourself visible to Google Maps. Then build your own Yelp page (this is easy, don’t worry) so your customers can leave reviews and testimonials; the better your reviews, the more business you’ll get. First things first, you need a good, catchy, memorable auto shop business name to make yourself stand out. Here are some names we found:

Hana Auto Service

Baizer & Grimmett Automotive Repair

Lucy’s Auto Center

Melrose Auto Repair Shop

Bobby’s Auto Repair & Body Shop

Affordable Care of Hollywood

Quality Plus & Kevork Body Shop

Yoon’s Auto Center

Marina West Auto Body

Battambang Auto Repair

Jim Matson Automotive

Rods Auto Repair

Legit Automotive

Piechowski Auto Center

Seng’s Auto Repair

Downtown Auto Care

Park’s Auto Repair & Tire

Pacific Auto Service

Vine Auto Center

Express Auto Shop

Ori’s Automotive Service Center

Pro Auto Body

Ronnie’s Auto Service

Piechowski John Automotive

Precision Auto Clinic

Rick’s Auto Body

Euro Spec Motoring

Community Auto Service

DT Auto Repair Center

Tony’s Auto Service

Collision Consultants Auto Body & Paint

Carotech Automotive

Right Solution

Bussard’s All Pro Automotive Center

Complete Automotive Systems

‘Auto Repair Shop’ interest over time:


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