47 Best, Cute Cookie Company Names

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According to this IBIS World business analysis, the cookie and cookie bar category accounts for $7 Billion in annual revenue, and is projected to grow to $8.3 Billion by 2017. The recent health trend hasn’t stopped cookie sales, rather it’s increased the sale of healthful cookie options and is now the fastest growing segment of the cookie industry. Dessert trends, much like consumer trends, continue to favor variety as we can see with the cupcake trend. For the passionate baker and savvy entrepreneur, this represents a great time to combine your passion with business. If you’re thinking about starting your own original cookie company or business, there are a few things to consider:

1. Where Will You Bake?

If you choose run your cookie business from home, you’ll need to purchase a food processing license and have your kitchen inspected for sanitation requirements. Some restrictions are household pets, children, and the separation of ingredients from your personal food items. Another option is renting a commercial kitchen space; this will give you more room to work and fewer complications with food processing licenses.

2. Put it in Ink

Starting your own business can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. A great way to stay organized and sift through the confusion is creating your cookie business plan to outline your costs, prices, mission statement, and all your plans for the future. It’s also an essential part of getting loans and other forms of financial assistance. If you don’t know how to write a business plan, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of online resources like this one from the Small Business Association.

3. “What’s so Great About Them?”

Think back to when you recommended a dessert to a friend. You most likely said something like, “You have to try ____ cookies, they’re incredible!” and then your friend responds with the obvious question:

“What’s so great about them?”

Imagine your customers answering that question, and in doing so, think of how your cookies will stand out amongst all the others. Maybe it’s a special ingredient, a unique color, packaging, size, shape, etc. Whatever it is, it should be what your customer can’t wait to describe to his friends. The good news is this: quality will surface. If you’ve got the best tasting chocolate chip cookie west of the Mississippi, you’ll have no problem selling them, and if that’s the case, there are plenty of ways to make your brand unique.

4. Branding and Marketing

The critical step most entrepreneurs forget is how they’ll get their goods to their customers. The good news is this process is easier and more cost effective with social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram. These sites provide you with exposure and allow your customers to offer feedback, and if you’re in the cookie making business…there’s no better way to create a customer base than to offer some free cookies. Sell them in gift baskets, or better yet, give them away as gifts to someone special.

I had a business teacher tell our class, “Do not send a ‘Thank You’ flower arrangement, send a basket of cookies and your ‘Thank You’ really means something.”

Your brand, the packaging you choose, the presentation of the cookies, all the way down to the colors of your logo are incredibly important to a successful cookie company. First things first, you need a memorable, cute, catchy business name that your customers wont forget. Here’s some cookie company names we found, use them to jog your own creativity in coming up with a business name:

‘Cookie’ interest over time:

The truth is, naming a business can be frustrating and downright time consuming…

Your company name is important, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s really something you need to ‘get out of the way’ so you can focus on the nuts and bolts of the business. So the question is…

“How do these companies get such good names?”

One option is hiring a ‘boutique’ branding agency to handle this critical step, and this does NOT come cheap. Some of these branding agencies charge as much as $100,000 for a brand that SELLS tons of product…

Does it work?

Of course it does, but for a small business with a careful eye on its cash flow, dumping tens of thousands of dollars for a swanky agency to sit back in their plush offices and promise you the next Google could spell disaster.

This is what they WANT you to think:

“Our branding agency charges a lot because what we do is incredibly difficult.”

It couldn’t be further from the truth, and the truth is that there are a core set of branding principles that can be reliably and affordably applied to ANY branding effort…

…and Branditory has done it for thousands of businesses, for every industry imaginable, in over 20 different countries, for just $97

You name it, we’ve named it. The names we come up with are just as good (we think a little better) as anything a high priced agency could provide.

This unbeatable price comes with unlimited revisions and optional logo design for just $70.

Don’t believe it?

Take a look at their satisfied customers

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