Review of Business Naming Service by Customer, Robert Lynch


Let’s get serious for a minute. The reason people seek business naming companies is because naming a business is not easy! I found Branditory through a search on Google.

Time was of the essence and I needed a name and logo quickly. After a few rounds, I realized the service wasn’t a good fit, requested a refund and hired another firm to help.  But that’s when they stepped their creativity up a notch. They immediately provided another group of names that were the best given and meaningful.  Because time was so close, I had two companies working on the logo just to cover myself. Branditory also beat out the competition and provided a fantastic logo which I’m extremely happy with.

I recommend Branditory and would tell anyone considering their service or any other naming company to understand what you are going for, which may be easier said than done initially. Guide them as you begin to see the vision becoming clearer in your mind. The staff over their is smart, but they can’t read your mind. Give them a call during your project and talk through the issues with them, you have to be on the same page or the suggestions they create won’t match your visions.




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Robert Lynch

I am the owner of Playbook Dynamics, a marketing and sales consulting company.

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